February 12th, 2012


Now that I finally have a functional camera I’ve got a few projects to post. Though we’re probably not as pinterest-obsessed as the average girl, we do like crafts at this house.

May I present:

The map. (we eventually figured out how to hang it!)

The thankful tree.

…our favorite branch. :)

Some lovely finds at the Scrap Exchange.


The dresser turned wine cabinet.

The mirror turned chalkboard.

Putting the FUN in functional.


December 22nd, 2011

in love with this child. flowmaster.

[thanks kelcie :) ]

you were a miracle… i was just holding your space.

[g.a. isakov. big black car.]

December 1st, 2011

Returning with a map predicament. HELP.

I think I forgot I had a blog for the past couple months. Kind of like how I forgot about the second piercings in my ears for half a year. Don’t worry, they didn’t close up.

I’m reviving the blog with a cry for help, something I typically find entirely and irrationally too difficult to do.

Let me bring you up to speed with a little story inspired by Laura Numeroff…

If you give three girls a house with a fireplace, they’re going to ask for a map to hang above it.

If you give them a map, they’re going to ask for some plywood to mount it.

If you give them a piece of plywood, they’re going to need it cut down to size.

If you trim the board to size, they’re going to want some paint to color the wood black.

Once it’s painted, they’re going to want some spray adhesive to secure the map to the plywood.

If you help them adhere the map, they’re going to want some Modge Podge (the glossy type, please) for a shiny, finished look.

Once the map project is finished, they’re going to want to mount it to the wall.

And here’s where the cliff hanger presents itself…

Based on a friend’s recommendation we’ve tried liquid nailing a couple small blocks of wood to the back of the plywood (allowing it to set overnight)… then attached hanging hardware to the wood blocks and were able to successfully hang the map on the wall for a total of 1.3 hours before the plywood pulled apart from the wood blocks and crashed to the hearth quite ungracefully, our hopes of ever succeeding in mounting this map plummeting with it.

Where did we go wrong?

The plywood is thin, so we’re afraid it will split if we try to nail anything into it. And the map came all the way from Seattle, so we really, really do not want to scrap it and start over. Besides, quit is not part of our vocabulary here at the Summerlin house.

Seriously, help some girls out. We can pay in cereal or alcohol swabs or frozen bananas or bags of leaves. Enticing, I know.

October 12th, 2011

music to my ears.

I’m definitely not the biggest music junkie out there. I’m not up to date with the latest bands, and I hate country music which makes me quite the outcast here in good ‘ole North Cackalacky. Unlike my sister, I don’t have the voice of an angel. I can, however, appreciate a good melody and legit lyrics. Not to be cheesy but it’s funny the connection between music and soul. And so I thought I’d share the soul-speaking music that has been taking over my ipod as of late… (see posts below)

Gungor. Every song on their new album Ghosts Upon the Earth is so, so, so, so good.

This song is not actually from that album but the hippie in me is loving how they incorporate nature to make a joyful noise.

Green River Ordinance.

Discovered them when they came through CH recently. More please and thank you.

Ben Rector. Skip a meal this week if you need to so you can purchase his latest album “Something Like This”. Take your dramamine before watching this if you have a tendency to experience motion-sickness; great sound but the video’s a little shaky.

…And I don’t know who “she” is, but we seem to have several things in common.

Bon Iver. My favorite yoga partner.

This video is sweet. Wish I had that landscape to explore when I was eight. God is seriously the best artist of all time.

Neighbour. [‘Til I’m With You].

New artist with just the kind of sound I like. When I found out she has a phenomenal cover of Timshel I was hooked.

Right now you can name your price for her album on noisetrade!